• Why C4 Rice

    Problem and Urgency

    Currently, a billion people live on less than a dollar a day and spend half their income on food, 854 million people are hungry and each day about 25000 people die from hunger-related causes. 

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  • What is C4 Rice


    Agriculture is the indispensable base of human society and the nature and productivity of agriculture is determined by land, water, climate, management and agricultural research. Only 29% of the earth’s surface is land and only a little over a third of that is suitable for agriculture; the rest is ice, desert, forest or mountain and is unsuitable for farming. More simply stated, only 10% of the surface of the earth has topographical and climatic conditions suitable for producing the food requirements of human beings. Today, 75% of the world’s 6.6 billion people live in the developing world where most of the world’s existing poverty is concentrated.

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  • Science of C4 Rice

    C4 Photosynthesis

    Plants fix carbon dioxide (CO2) into sugar using sunlight as the source of energy. This fixed carbon makes up the bulk of the plant itself – roots, stems, leaves, flowers - and the sugars or starches that are stored in the seeds or fruits that we harvest for food. 

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2013 Annual Meeting

C4 + CAM Plant Biology 2013

Link of talk-video and slides of presentations at C4 + CAM meeting at the University of Illinois on August 6-9, 2013.

Many speakers also work in the C4 Rice Project